Burstosaur TopGaler
Number: 9
Pilot/Summoner: AbareKiller
Season: Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
Length: 45.4 m
Width: 76 m
Height: 36.7 m
Weight: 2200 tons
Speed: Mach 20

Burstosaur TopGaler (爆竜トップゲイラー Bakuryū Topugeira?): A Tupuxuara nicknamed "Top" (Topu) who was sealed for destroying a major DinoEarth city. He was found and released by AbareKiller, whom he partnered with. He often employs his great speed in battle, which has been clocked at an astounding Mach 20. He calls Mikoto "human", as a sign of the no-affection relationship between them both. His personality is a hardcore lone wolf like his master. He died along with AbareKiller near the finale, but returned in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger and combined with AbarenOh to become Killer AbarenOh. Form's KillerOh's limbs and weapon, or the wings of AbarenOh Galer or BakurenOh Galer and with Stegoslidon, also assumes the same wing position for Killer AbarenOh, Killer BakurenOh, or OhOhAbarenOh.