Burstosaur Triceratops
Number: 2
Pilot/Summoner: AbareBlue
Season: Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
Length: 37 m
Width: 10.5 m
Height: 14.5 m
Weight: 1100 tons
Speed: 200 km/h

Burstosaur Triceratops (爆竜トリケラトプス Bakuryū Torikeratopusu?): Nicknamed "Kera" (ケラ Kera?), the armored one of the three Burstosaurs, Kera can take a great deal of punishment from an opponent; he seems strong enough to topple every building in downtown Japan. Kera is actually the youngest of the three Burstosaurs, as his voice sounds like a Japanese pre-teen. In Episode 36, he wished to become human and suddenly became a little boy, the transformation later revealed to be caused by an angel much to God's dismay. He fell in love with a woman, but sacrificed his human life to turn back into his normal form in order to protect Yukito. In the finale, Kera said to thank Yukito for everything. Forms AbarenOh's right arm and shield and the handle of the Double-Tail Sword. Becomes a swap-in arm of another robo combination to add the "Triceratops" suffix to the robo (this is never seen in the footage). He ends his sentences with the word "Kera".