Dr. Mikoto Nakadai
Gender: Male
Seasons: Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
Colors: White
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: 17
Last Appearance: Dekaranger vs. Abaranger
Number of Episode
Actor: Kōtarō Tanaka

"The finest example of excitement! AbareKiller!"

Dr. Mikoto Nakadai/AbareKiller (仲代 壬琴博士/アバレキラー Nakadai Mikoto-Hakase/Abarekirā?) is a brilliant doctor who was bored with his life until the he witnessed the Burstosaurs attacking the city while under Evolian influence, caring for an injured Ryouga in the aftermath. But the new found excitement of destruction was halted when the Abarangers arrived and made the three things that gave Mikoto a thrill into "dull goodies". But soon, with the destruction of the Anamolicarus, Mikoto found both the Dino Minder and TopGaler's egg. After that, Mikoto left his profession to start up his "game". For a while, until his formal introduction, Mikoto observed the Abarangers from the side while mastering the DinoMinder and coming to the conclusion that it be fun to fight against the heroes, thus naming himself "AbareKiller". However, the Zerogo suit is a flawed prototype of the other Abaranger suits with a self-destruct mechanism that could destroy an entire city. Mikoto didn't seem to care that he would die, it actually made things more exciting in "his game". He fought the Abarangers, using their stolen Dino Guts to revive his partner TopGaler before recruiting Stego to their cause. At one point he even assumed leadership over the villains at Lije's request. After fighting the Killer Giganoid with the Abaranger, it was revealed that the other half of Dezumozorlya is within him, the cause of his horrible childhood while possessing his strength and evil tendencies.

However, Mikoto, furious that he was someone else's pawn, decides to refocus his game on the Evoliens. It was also revealed that the reason the Dino Minder hadn't exploded yet was because the Dezumozorlya within him has been keeping it as bay. Soon after though Dezumozorlya was removed from him, and the Dino Minder was set to explode the next time he transformed. When Dino Minder began to self-destruct, he and TopGaler flew away from Earth and both died in the explosion. Mikoto returned for a short time to help the Abaranger and Dekaranger in the Dekaranger vs. Abaranger movie, having been revived by SaunaEelGingko's power and vanished again after the enemy was defeated. As he vanished, he told Asuka to give his daughter Mikoto his regards.

In Power Rangers Dino Thunder, after the Season 1 enemy defeated, Mikoto revealing Shadow is not dead. He is same enemy is Samuel Jo then knock them out. Mikoto is on every episodes.

Dino Weapon: Wing Pentact