Kasumi (カスミ Kasumi?): Kasumi was the "other side" of Lije, the only part unaffected by Dezumozorya. She occasionally leaves Lije's body to stop the fight between Asuka and Mahoro. However, once Lije turned into Lijewel, Kasumi was forced to leave their body for good and move into Dino House, befriending Mai after using her to maintain her existence. Kasumi would later remerge into Lijiel to purge Dezumozorya from her, causing them to regress into a baby. The infant, soon re-named Mikoto after Dr. Mikoto Nakadai, still possessed Lije/Lijewel's ability to travel to between worlds. She returned to Earth during the ending of Dekaranger vs. Abaranger and Boukenger vs Super Sentai, where she brought her father to where he was needed both times.