Disciple of Dawn Lije
Episode: 1-37, 47, Abaranger vs.


Season: Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger

Disciple of Dawn Lije (夜明けの教え子リジェ Yoake no Yoshiego Rije?, 1-37, 47): She is Dezumozorlya's child-like metaron, responsible for linking the two worlds. She was created when the Dino-Earth Dezumozorlya entered Mahoro's body, using her child(who was also Asuka's) to serve as its host. But half of Lije's soul took a life of it own and became another side to her, Kasumi. Lije would eventually meet up with Mikoto, having feelings for him. She was later force-grown into an adult, Evolien Queen Lijewel (エヴォリアン女王リジュエル Evorian Joō Rijueru?, 37-47), forcing her and Kasumi to completely separate.