Mahoro (マホロ Mahoro?): Asuka's love interest from Dino Earth. When she and her brother entered the Garden Palace to end the fighting, they were captured by Dezumozorya who showed her that Asuka "abandoned" them before using her to create Lije. Since then, Mahoro discarded her name and became the Destruction Messenger Jannu, fixated on killing Asuka for betraying her. After killing Geildon, she used the Cursed Armor whenever she needed to, though she became haunted by the past thanks to Kasumi. After the explosion of the Anamolicarus, Jeanne was restored to her original self thanks to Asuka's sacrifice of wearing the Cursed Armor once more. Although the Abarangers found her and figured out who she was, Mahoro had lost her memory and worked in the Dino House until her memory came back after learning that Asuka had the Cursed Armor which forced Mahoro to assume her Evolien identity to free Asuka from the armor. After that, she helped the Abarangers in secret until Dezumozorya learned of her treachery. In the end, she was able to relinquish her guilt and return with Asuka to Dino Earth to start their lives a new. She returned to Earth during the ending of Dekaranger vs. Abaranger to join the party.