Mai Hakua (伯亜 舞 Hakua Mai?): Ryouga's five-year-old niece. Ryouga's brother and sister-in-law died in a car crash, leaving Mai in Ryouga's care. Mai thinks of Ryouga as a father and always cheers him on when he fights as AbaRed. Starting at the end of ep. 39, Kasumi chooses Mai to be the only one to see her. In ep. 41, a virus transforms human people into Barmia and Mai was infected as well. Kasumi warns the Abaranger that the Barmia are Mai's friends, but Mai was cured when her Dino Guts awoke when she cheered for the Abarangers after seeing Ryouga and the others in danger from the Barmia. After the end of the series, Mai stayed in California with Ryouga.