Creative Messenger Mikela
Episode: 2-48
Season: Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger

Creative Messenger Mikela (創造の使徒・ミケラ Sōzōnoshito Mikera?): His full-name Mikela Shu Yuankachi Makatuku Damosu Koni, he creates creates the Trinoids from paintings using his three-colored paints. He is a painter and hates to make a creation when uninspired by his muse. He despises humans due as he finds their art and culture inferior. When he arrived on Another-Earth in #24, he found a lot of muses at the zoo while using his Mikela Dictionary to suck in various electronics along with the Blueless Abarangers, AbareKiller, and Yatsudenwani. Long ago, when he created Saunaginnan he sealed the Trionoid away in a red orb because of his immense powers. He was remerged with Voffa to become a temporary host for Dezumozorlya after they had set the preparations to revive Bakurenoh as Dezumorlya's ideal body.