Princess Freesia (フリージア姫 Furījia-hime?, Movie): When the gang are having a fun summer party at the beach, she appears in front of Ryouga and HanaBinkiVenus literally drops from the sky to capture her. There is a great myth through the Dragon People in Dino Earth that a princess guards the two evil Burstosaurus' on an Arctic island. Asuka was surprised that the legend he grew up with was true. The Bakulaser had been broken in half. The other piece was excavated by humans and put in a museum. Ryouga and Freesia sneak in and steal it. He uses his Dino Guts to merge it together. It was revealed that she was Garuvuidei in disguise and used the fully formed Bakulaser to call upon the Burstosaurus'. The real Freesia was inside of the Bakulaser and wasn't able to come out. She also expressed affection for Ryouga. She commended the Abaranger for their bravery and went off with the Bakulaser.