Ryuunnosuke Sugishita (杉下 竜之介 Sugishita Ryūnnosuke?): Sugishita runs a curry restaurant called Dino House, which is the Abarangers' base of operations. When the Burstosaurs' first came to Earth, Sugishita heard their call and almost became AbareBlue. Unfortunately, his body was unable to support the transformation. Kind and supporting of the Abaranger, he often gives advice and helps the team whenever possible. After the fight against the Evolians, Sugishita's curry business became extremely successful and resulted in him receiving great wealth and setting up a global chain of Dino House curry restaurants, as seen in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger. However, he lost ownership to Yatsudenwani. Dino House is a recurring element of some Vs movies; characters from Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger through Engine Sentai Go-onger have met each other through Ryuunnosuke and the restaurant. Emiri nicknames him "Suke-san."