Visionary Messenger Voffa
Episode: 2-48
Season: Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger

Visionary Messenger Voffa (無限の使徒・ヴォッファ Mugennoshito Voffa?): He is a composer who creates the giant Giganoids from musical compositions using his piano. He is an amoeba that grew and evolved to take on a more humanoid shape. He likes to refer himself as a Maestro of Destiny itself and doesn't like his compositions to be heard until they are complete. He did start to like Earth pop music a bit during his visit to Another-Earth. He and Mikela ended up being merged back into one to serve as a host for Dezumozorlya after they had set the preparations to revive Bakurenoh as Dezumorlya's ideal body.